I’ve worked professionally in the entertainment business for over 10 years. During this time, I’ve had some wonderful experiences as well as the opportunity to work with smart and talented people. Some of these people have inspired me in ways I could only imagine. I’ve seen the music business grow in size and stature; increase revenue streams only to have mergers and consolidate jobs. I’ve also seen the introduction of ground breaking, once in a lifetime artists, yet total abandonment of artist development.

Changing, reeling, antiquated…these are some of the words used to describe the current musical landscape. I personally like to say that the “record business is dying but the business of music is growing daily”. The industry is going through the motions right now. However, I’m an optimist; I believe that it will find its way back – In its current state, it has no choice! And when it does, I hope to contribute to that change in some way because music will always be my first love.

However, as a transition and way to fight stagnation – this site was born. It was a way for me to continue to have a hands-on approach in regards to my own personal creative output. Hitting The Head was birthed out of my fondness of dive bars & booze coupled with my appreciation of digital photography. I’ve always felt comfortable and at ease in a dimly lit, dingy place with a good jukebox and random people.

Hitting The Head as I see it…is about the pub aesthetics and subculture for those who like to partake in revelry and all it has to offer. It’s about having a good time no matter the environment – whether it’s your local dive bar, a winery, club or lounge. Where there’s good booze, good music and good people – you’re obligated to drink and be merry.

My goal is to expose you to some of New York City’s community landmarks…the known and unknown…some are historic, trendy and desolate but all with one thing in common – a cold alcoholic beverage at one’s request.



The origin of the term “hit the head” can be traced back to ancient sailing vessels. Sailors who needed to relieve themselves would make their way to a designated area under the deck near the bow or front of the ship. This area was selected for several reasons. First of all, the odors would be dissipated into the air before reaching the main living and work quarters. Secondly, the constant spray of ocean water would act as a natural sanitizer and keep the area relatively clean. Since this area was also close to the carved figurehead on the bow, it became known informally as the “head”.


Generations of civilians have since adopted and assimilated the phrase ‘hitting the head’ as a euphemism, especially amongst drinking patrons and eventually the term became part of popular culture.



Noun: Lively and noisy festivities, esp. when these involve drinking a large amount of alcohol.

And you have…



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