Buffalo Bar Hopping – Buffalo, NY

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First Off, Happy New Year…there’s no trip back upstate without a proper serving of OFFICIAL Buffalo Wings! So while in town, I stopped by the home of the Original Buffalo Wing, the world renowned Anchor Bar. Nothing like a cold Labatt, Molson or Loganberry soda with a single, double or triple order of wangs! Extra crispy! #HTH #2012

The Old Pink – Allentown – Buffalo, NY

Ellicottville Beer – Upstate brewed & bred

Inside the Anchor Bar – Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is like the home of fast food, this was a new menu item sold at one of my favorite spots in the city, Jim’s Steak Out! This is called a Taco in A Bag…pretty self explanatory lol #HTH #2012 Swaaaag!

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