Drunken Rant – Handhelds, etc

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I’m sure at some point we’ve all been guilty of walking with our heads down, not paying attention because we’re texting or doing something with our iPhone’s, Android’s, etc. But seriously…PAY FKNG ATTENTION! It’s not fun or funny to be damn near tackled by some douche bag texting his buddy who’s literally standing about 3 paces ahead of him!

Technology is taking the intimacy out of personal interaction. Conversations are now relegated to “Oh, I’ll hit you up on facebook…”. It’s like dude, I’m right here right now, no need to hit me up on damn faceback, let’s talk now!

I fell into the twitter trap but hey..i gotta get #HTH out there..via word of mouth!

Tiger Woods better get his act together this Masters!

Journalists need to stop going to the middle east like its all good. Its NOT all good. Politics and religion has the people in turmoil.

Speaking of the media, it set’s celebrities/personalities up…just to watch them fail. Some of them are douche bags!

Paula Patton is a bad mamma jamma!

HBO’s been showing this damn “Real Sex” series since I was in damn high school and I have yet to see and attractive female on the program! Let me know when Sasha Grey or Isis Taylor hosting an episode. (They’re screen actresses..lol)!

“While the Greeks were busy thinking…the Roman’s came in, conquered them and asked, ‘What do you think about that!’…” – Colin Quinn….lololol funny sht!

Wiz Khalifa looks like Morgan Freeman.

Thoughts enhanced by Stella Artois…holla!

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One Response to Drunken Rant – Handhelds, etc

  1. FoodieMouth says:

    Dude – Your drunken rants are hilarious!

    Okay, now you got me wanting to place side by side pics of Morgan and Wiz.

    but I do think Wiz is one cool cat!

    You already know my feelings about FB and Twitter but for the same reasons…I’m coming! lol

    Regarding Paula, I think sometimes folks want to disagree on that but they simply can’t.

    Colin Quinn…one funny dude!