Drunken Rant – Waiting For (Air) Jordans!

Posted on by drehow

In 1986 I had the first, original pair of Air Jordan sneakers. Actually back then, if you wore smaller than a size 8 or 9 they were called Sky Jordans. I remember that. Anyway. Here we are nearly 25yrs later and the youth still have love for the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball, Michael Jordan. When I left the bar, I ended up on 34th St in midtown. These 2 guys were already in line for the Saturday release of limited Air Jordan’s #7, saturday release….it was Thursday night/Friday morning. They had about another 32 or so hours to go. Kids these days! #HTH we’re out! ¬†PS – these guys had a hustle too, one buys a pair and the other sell their spot in line…lol

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