Great Day In American History

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Great day in American History – Congrats to the US Military and our allies all over the globe. Congrats to the Obama Administration for their resolve and temperance in announcing the demise of the most wanted man in the world. I’m a NY’er and 9/11 will forever be a part of my subconscious. Time heals all wounds, so the lost, the anger and the fear have subsided. However in light of current event…this is not a time to gloat. We as Americans need to respect people from ALL walks of life and figure out how can we coexist on this 3rd rock from the sun.
Again, congrats…now lets figure out unemployment, green energy and climate change, lowering gas prices, education/arts funding and gun control…but hey we have to start somewhere! #USA #HTH

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2 Responses to Great Day In American History

  1. Phil Sinatra says:

    Well said my friend. #USA #WINNING

  2. Tiffany says:

    I agree…well said!