Mid-day Rant – Geico Gecko!

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So yesterday I’m at Arlene’s Grocery to see a performance by my good friend, Liza Colby band. As I’m sitting at the bar have a cold one, a guy walks in with a messenger bar and takes a seat next to me. Turns out, the guy was a good friend of the bartender at Arlene’s. So as I’m talking to the guy, I notice he has something in his right hand, I look closer and its a lizard, a gecko to be exact. SO the guy shows me the gecko and we continue sport small talk. He’s holding it in his semi-closed hand, so I didn’t pay it any attention. As soon as I stopped paying attention, the damn gekko jumped OUT of his hand and on my damn leg!!! I immediately jumped up and shouted “OH SH*T!” and everyone at the bar was looking at me. I apologized to the bartendar for overreacting…but hey, I’m from a place where damn lizrds don’t just jump on your leg! Drink On! #HTH

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