Rant – Random Thoughts

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This is some of the randomness that floats through my head throughout the day, a few of the 3000 thoughts we have daily as humans beings…

I despise (hate is a strong word, which I’m working on expunging from my vocab)…but I despise people who eat full meals (anything other than a snack…i.e., chips, cookies, candy bars) on the train or bus!!! Sunflower seeds are DEFINITELY included.

No disrespect to people with real mental issues and deficiencies…but people who are required to take meds for chemical imbalances..please TAKE your meds. Craziness on public transportation is at a ALL time high and we ALL suffer because of it!

I love the Yankees…hate the Lakers!

Other than Jay, Em, Nelly, 50, Rick Ross, TI (locked up), Lil Wayne (owe taxes to the tune of 5.6 mil), Outkast ________ (enter multi-faceted entertainer here)…how do other RAPPERS make money??? I’m in the industry and I still don’t know how Trick Daddy, The Lox, Maino, Freddy Gibbs, etc makes money…and I mean sustainable money. Please explain…Same can be said for “actors” like Meagan Good, Mya, Christina Milian, etc.

This generation of kids are under-educated, unemployed and over confident…with the attention span of a damn microwave dinner.

I’m from Buffalo…but as I get older, I HATE cold weather more and more. And I hate when people say “you’re from Buffalo, you should be used to it” to which i reply…”If I punch you in the face everyday, would you be used to that?… ckskr!

ALL politicians need to get their damn acts together! Busting up unions, budget cuts/spending, prostitution. We didn’t elect y’all to be the damn Bloods & Crips. Work that ish out…because the people are suffering in the process.



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8 Responses to Rant – Random Thoughts

  1. Kimberly says:


  2. FoodieMouth says:

    Last night on the 6, homeboy was throwing down on some shrimp fried rice and chicken wings w/a STRONG smell of hot sauce! and on top of that he had the nerve to be ice grillin’ folks like, what the F are you lookin at, can’t a man eat in peace??? WTF???!!! Unbelievable. Only in NYC.

    and regarding how do rappers make money, I’m glad you brought it up because I’ve been wondering this for years!

    So when you find out, please include me in the memo!

  3. JHM says:

    Love this…except for the Lakers hate..

  4. Phil Onevelo says:

    I agree with JHM…I don’t understand how one can be a Yankee fan and also a Celtic fan. Odd.

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