The HTH 6-pack Interview…with DA Wallach of Chester French

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Welcome to the 6-pack! This is a new segment we’re launching on HittingTheHead where we’ll fire off 6 questions to our favorite artisan’s whether it’s a musician, a photograher/artist, designer, influencer or just over cool mofo! Kicking off the segment is none other than DA Wallach from the group Chester French (StarTrak/Interscope Records).  So without further adieu, welcome to the “HTH 6pk©” – Q&A Inside

HTH: DA, thanks for taking time out to have a 6pk with Hitting The Head. So what are you currently working on, what’s new with Chester French? Any new projects on the coming down the pipeline?

DA Wallach: We are currently finishing up the Chester French album, which we hope to release by mid to late Summer. I’m also working on a project with Supa Dups, a Jamaican DJ and producer whose work I’ve loved for several years

HTH: We’ve heard “Big Hype“, the collaboration between Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) and yourself on his “Truant Wave EP“ (available on iTunes now) and we see you have a Rick Ross collaboration (Play Your Part) coming up as well on his Maybach Music Group debut “Self Made Vol.1″. Ross recently told Sway of MTV News “I sent him the track, and he put an incredible chorus on there and it was swagged out,” - How did this come about? and Do you have any other collaborations or projects you wish to speak on?

DA Wallach: It came about exactly as Ross describes it, though I must also shout-out my homie Spiff TV, who helped facilitate the collaboration.

HTH: When working on music do you need to be in a certain zone or element for your creative energy to flow?

DA Wallach: I try not to be precious about my environment, the vibe, etc. but I can’t deny that I really like being in a comfortable place where I have no distractions and feel free to play.

HTH: With you being from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a place once almost exclusively known as a brewing and manufacturing powerhouse, did you grew up with a PBR in hand? LOL What’s your specific choice of beer? Or are you a wine/liquor guy?

DA Wallach: I didn’t ever really love PBR. There are some of the best small quantity breweries in America in Wisconsin, my favorite of which is called New Glarus. Their “Spotted Cow” beer is my favorite beer of all time. I also dabble in Ciroc and various champagnes.

HTH: When Chester French is on tour, do you have a specific beer, liquor or wine request?

DA Wallach: I try not to drink too much when on tour, since it tends to dry out my body and make it harder to sing well.

HTH: Any war, i mean Tour Stories you wish to share? Best/Worst drinking experience?

DA Wallach: I’ve had some pretty extreme nights, all of which have served as lessons!

HTH: Bonus Question (The Shot) – Are you a happy drunk?

DA Wallach: Yes!

HTH: DA Thanks for cracking a 6pk with us! Until next time…we’re outttta here!


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  1. Phil Sinatra says:

    Didnt realize dude was from Milwaukee home of the brew crew…fitting.