The HTH 6-Pack Interview…With Kerri O’Connell Of GoodWoodNYC

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HTH: Hi Kerri, so thanks for taking time out for the “6 Pack”. For those who are not aware of GoodWood NYC and what y’all do. Please give them an overview of your background and GoodWood.

Kerri O’Connell: GoodWoodNYC is a wooden accessories company specializing in custom products. I started out by hand carving the original designs and making one-off pieces, mostly 4 finger rings. I worked as a graphic designer before starting GoodWood and had been in art school since I was 13. After things got busy with Goodwood orders, I invested in laser engravers and started mass producing the designs I was coming up with.

HTH: Ok – let’s get right to it! – are you a beer, liquor or wine drinker?

Kerri O’Connell I drink beer almost exclusively, unless an occasion calls for shots, then it’s tequila.

HTH: I know NYC plays heavily in your inspiration for the GW designs. When you’re coming up with concepts for designs do you like to be in a specific environment for inspiration and if so, what does that environment consist of?

Kerri O’Connell: I like to be around creativity. No specific place, but I usually come up with the best ideas when I’m around an environment of art and music. I get my inspiration from looking at designs, typography and illustration books. I take a lot from fashion as well, walking around in Soho inspires me.

HTH: What’s your favorite, no-frills place to hang out and have drinks? Any underground spots you wish to share?

Kerri O’Connell: My bar for a long time was Cheap Shots on 1st ave but they closed down. Now I’m usually at St. Jeromes on Rivington or Bleeker Bar.

HTH: Does the grittyness of dive bars inspire some of GW designs?

Kerri O’Connell: Haha, possibly. We haven’t come out with a dirty bathroom piece yet, but who knows.

HTH: What’s next for GW? Any collaborations on the agenda you wise to speak….hint/hint (GW x HTH!)

Kerri O’Connell:Yeah aside from our possible collab, we just came out with a project with Benny Gold, also working on a few pieces with Miska and a new product with Stalley.

HTH: Before I let you go…got any funny drinking experiences you want to share with the HTH contingent? Words of Advice? Drinks to Avoid?

Kerri O’Connell: It seems like every night is a “funny drinking experience”. There was a St. Patrick’s day a few years ago when I rode a mechanical bull, vomited on the train and broke my thumb, on that note…drink responsibly and don’t drink vodka after margaritas…ever.

HTH: Thanks and drinks on you!!! HA #HittingTheHead
Interview took place at St. Jeromes, LES, NYC

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  2. Phil Sinatra says:

    Much props to Kerri for creating Good Wood…definitely a fan