The HTH 6-Pack Interview…with The Weeks

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This weeks HTH 6 Pack was with Jackson, MS Indie rock band, The Weeks. Take Kings Of Leon, Rilo Kiley and Mars Volta and add a little cali kush and this is what you get! #HTH – the interview inside! – thanks guys! #SWAGGG!

So Fellas, take the time to introduce yourselves to people who might not be familiar with with the band I actually came across the bands music on Pandora about about year or so ago. I was listening to my Kings Of Leon station and “Buttons” came on and it was IMMEDIATELY drawn in. For a split second, the vocal stylings were a tad similar to Caleb Followill from KOL, but as the song progressed it definitely transformed…the vocals & feel were more rock and impulsive Ala Nirvana. (I hope you don’t take offense to these references because they happen to be 2 of my favorite bands – That’s good company to keep!). This prompted me to go and find more music and info on the band, that being Comeback Cadillac (2008) and Rumspringa EP (2009).

1. What’s going on with The Weeks, whats the new music sounding like, what in the pipeline for the new album? Any collaboration, etc

Firstly, I’m glad this website exists. I wish all interviews just asked about all my vices.
Lately we’ve just been touring and preparing our upcoming releases. We’ll be on the road most of June – August with a handful of bands like Bad Lieutenants from MS, and Junior Astronomers from Charlotte. The latter of which has been on heavy rotation on the road. In March we went to record 6 songs with Winn McElroy, who engineered both of our previous records. We’ll be releasing them on vinyl 45s between June and August, with one single a month. This batch of songs has a similar feel to the ‘Rumspringa’ EP, just more refined. Over the years, we’ve tried a few different genres out but I feel like in the last year we’ve found our comfort zone musically. We’re a four piece now, so that totally flipped the script for me as a guitar player. We moved to Nashville last August and spent the first 6 months playing these songs a few times a day. A lot of it was really so I could figure out how to combine two guitar parts into one. I feel like it’s helped us take on a new sound that’s pretty unique. It’s important to us to write songs that are complex at heart but maintain accessibility. Now that we’ve settled into that, we’re really excited about what’s coming up for us. Hopefully we’ll be recording our next proper album later this year. No collaborations to speak of lately. Though I’m tempted to say we collaborated with your mom. Sorry.

2. What I personally appreciate about The Weeks sound is the Southern Rock sensibility with the Indie Rock aesthetic. With you guys being from Jackson, MS who were some of your musical influences coming up?

We’ve always believed that the music scene in Jackson when we were growing up is the reason we’re a band today. Champagne Heights, King Elementary, Living Better Electrically and Colour Revolt were the bands that really hooked us. Those are still some of our favorite bands. There was a bar called WC DONS we were going to when we were 12 that epitomized what rock and roll was in our minds. So that’s where the sludge comes from. The southern rock is all on the shoulders of our fathers. The Allman Brothers will forever be a huge influence on us. ‘Live at the Fillmore East’ is the South’s magnum opus, and thus is never too far from our turntable. We were in Macon, GA recently and drove to the cemetery where Duane Allman and Berry Oakley are buried. Somehow we found their graves in this giant, 300 year old Confederate cemetery. The rest of the guys were able to hop the fence, but when I tried I ended up with a gash on my leg and tar on my hand. Considering the context of this interview, I feel it’s appropriate to include that we left our joint roach on Duane’s headstone. That’s what inspires the Weeks.

3. How did the band come together?

Once those aforementioned Jackson bands either broke up or moved to LA (to break up), there was a noticeable void in the music scene. We all knew each other from shows, so we just started doing it ourselves. This was all back around March ‘06. We probably played over 100 shows at WC Dons before it closed in August ‘07. That’s what we did in high school. We were a house band at a dive bar Rolling Stone once crowned the best dive bar in country. I feel pretty privileged for that. Best childhoods ever.

4. I’m from the North but have Southern roots and I know first hand that the Southerners loves their hooch, LOL! How do you guys get the revelry started? What’s on the tour rider when you guys are out and about? Any cool dives or places to get cheap liquor and food in Jackson?

Mostly weed, to be honest. It’s just how we operate. You can’t really put weed on the tour rider, but it’s been a while since we’ve hit a city that couldn’t get us high. Sound guys have been our saviors lately. Martin’s and Ole Tavern are our favorite bars in Jackson. But for one with cheap eats Fenian’s pub is it. We were living in the Delta for a few years before we moved up to Nashville and even though Jackson’s our home, we really found our place in the Delta. Thankfully none of us made it a habit, but from time to time people in the Delta would show up at parties with a bottle of their grandfather’s moonshine that had the craziest names. Panther Breath has always had my vote. There’s a joint up there called Hey Joe’s where we were all regulars. It reigns supreme.

5. Are you beer, liquor or wine guys…or other vices LOL?

Damien and Cyle are beer guys, while Cain and I stick to whiskey. Bud Heavy and George Dickel, respectively. We don’t have internet or cable or anything, so from time to time our night plans are 3 cup whiskey pong. Heavy smokers all around for us. Camel Lights but everyone for me. Marlboro Reds for me.

6. Favorite place to be and why? And when you are you guys coming to NYC?!

Favorite place to be will always be Mississippi. Home is home, ya know? It’s actually more like our habitat. Touring is a ball and a biscuit, but we’re at our best in the ‘Sip. We should be up yer way by the end of the year. Our original rhythm guitar player Chaz is about to graduate from CIA in Poughkeepsie and lives in Brooklyn so we’ve got supplementary motives.

Bonus Shot – if you could collaborate, tour or party with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

I’m gonna have to break that one down. Don’t think I can truncate it to one band for all three.
Collaborate – Harry Nilsson. One of the most creative musicians ever. It might end up as less of a collaboration and more of us doing what he said.
Tour – Wilco. Those guys have been flawless for 15 years.
Party – Mastodon. I want them to convince me to get a face tattoo.

I took a joint to the dome specifically to answer these questions. I think it helped?

HAHAHA! Thanks for the interview fellas!!! #SUPASWAGGEDOUT!!!

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