The HTH 6-Pack Interview…with Young The Giant

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Fresh off their MTV VMA Performance on Sunday and gearing up to hit the road with Incubus in September, Hitting The Head was able to catch up with SoCal’s own Young The Giant…more specifically Jacob Tilley, the guitarist. We ran Jacob through the “6 Pack” mill and got the inside scoop on YTG, their origins and what their up to…so no more talk..herrrrrre we go! #HTH


HTH: Being that you guys are from Cali – how did the group come together?

We all met each other through the local music scene in Irvine. There is a tapestry of friends at home who all share/write music together; we have all been/are in other projects. “The Jakes” went through numerous line up changes through high school. In 2008, with the release of our EP “Shake My Hand”, this current line up came into formation.

HTH: I read somewhere that YTG started out playing local dive bars in the SoCal area when you guys were like 16y/o…how was that experience? Was there any underage partying going on?? (don’t worry – we won’t tell!)

Well, with the exception of a few spots, the experiences was outside those venues. A normal show night would consist of waiting outside the venue until our set time, playing the allotted time, and then straight out the venue with the gear. It wasn’t until our college years that the partying started to take place. We booked shows along the California coast hopping school to school – party to party. The most notable show in this era was at Stanford’s Exotic Erotic; those kids know how to have a good time.

HTH: I remember you guys went by the name “The Jakes”, where did the name “Young The Giant” come from? (Young is normally a rapper’s monikor LOL “Young Hov, Buck, Dollar, etc..)

Young the Giant came from our desire to break from The Jakes. In the writing process we found that the original name was putting a parameter on where we allowed our music to go. Under the idea of the young the giant we pumped out a handful of ideas and the name soon stuck.

HTH: In comparison to NYC, Cali can seem pretty laid back…when creating music, where does YTG look for inspiration?

The inspiration came from the experience of living in Newport Beach and Los Angeles together. At the start of 2009 we all deferred college and set up camp in a small apartment a few steps from the beach. The house hardly slept as there was a constant flow of friends and nightly antics. After that 6 month period we moved into a loft in Los Angeles and set to work on the record.

HTH: Speaking of which… does this inspiration involve any beer, wine or spirits? Where are some of the cool bars or dives you guys like to hit up to unwind? That is when you’re not on tour, in-studio or answering questions from weirdos like us!

I actually haven’t been home much since I turned 21; thus, no real local hangout spot. I guess it would be Eric’s house if anywhere. On tour we rely on local expertise’s to guide our nightly activities. By the time we get home we all want to take a break from the night life and rest up with our family’s company.

HTH: With the album out and you guys criss-crossing across the country, what’s next for YTG? Any collaboration, remixes, etc.

We recently released the stem’s from our album to the public for a remix collaboration CD. We have also started to write new material and plan on demoing the songs on our upcoming incubus tour.

Bonus question – a couple year’s back you guys opened up for Kings Of Leon at the Chicago House Of Blues, did you get a chance to partake in any revelry with the KOL? Nathan Followill is a well known indulger or good booze and even better pot! HAHA!

The Kings did stop by our dressing room to congratulate us on winning the spot on the show. Sadly we had to turn down the invitation to the bars with them as none of us were 21 or had fake IDs yet.


Thanks Jacob, thanks Julie at Roadrunner and continued success to YTG! #HTH we’re ridin’ durrrrty!

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